Meet the Guys

Kyle Barefield

Kyle Barefield 32, lives in Monroe, LA and is the Co-Owner of Resistance Media LLC and the Executive Producer of Simmons Sporting Goods All Things Hunting. He is also the National Retail Sales Account Manager for In Sights Nutrition, and tries to hunt everyday of his life if possible. He truly loves to hunt, and is unapologetic for it. God and hunting has always been at the core of his family and both always will be.

Cole Barthel

Cole Barthel, 33, from Rayville, LA is a co-owner of Resistance Media LLC, a producer and host of Simmons Sporting Goods All Things Hunting. Coles obsession of hunting comes from being introduced to the great outdoors at a very young age by his father. Hunting to Cole means enjoying God’s creations and making life long memories with family and friends.

Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett, 29, from Morrilton, AR is a producer, videographer, and photographer of Simmons Sporting Goods All Things Hunting.  Matt still works a normal job, but makes the most of the time spent in the outdoors whether it be behind the camera or behind the gun.  “Hunting is not always about the kill, but making memories with family and friends that last a lifetime.”

Anthony Virga

Anthony, 31, grew up in rural Northern New Jersey in a very “outdoorsy” family.  Like others he has been hunting anything he could get a tag for since a very young age.  As he got older the passion for hunting are stronger, especially turkey hunting.  Starting from sanctioned calling contests and at the grand national level, filming, even studying endless hours with books and video of the wild turkey.  With this he also chose a path in outdoor video production.  From freelance work with national television producers, he has made sure to make every ounce of a new experience a stepping stone to making his promotion techniques more superior.  Taking it very seriously the past few years this journey has led him to broader horizons with great experiences including award winning film and co-producing on various projects.